Our Mission

 We are looking forward to another great season of Desert  Vista Girls Basketball this 2016-2017 season.  Our mission this year is  to totally revamp our program by continuously building up. The Desert Vista Girls Basketball Booster Clubs mission is to  support the Lady Thunder basketball program. The Booster Club believes  foremost in supporting all the teams to maintain outstanding team spirit  and morale. The main objective of the Club is to provide financial  support for the program for all levels of athletes (Freshman, Junior  Varsity and Varsity) to offset the costs of equipment, uniforms and  other associated expenses that is authorized by the Club. GOALS Our primary goal for the 2016-2017 season is to increase  parent membership of the Club. We strongly encourage parents to attend  the Booster Club meetings to stay informed of what the issues are that  the club is facing to help the athletes in the program. It is essential  for parents to be present in order to vote on vital issues and to give  feedback and offer suggestions. Parent participation is very vital to  the program to make a successful program for the athletes. The Booster Club has also established a goal of more athlete  participation to support the Booster Club's efforts of fund raising.  Every athlete will benefit from working together as a team on and off  the court.